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Wendy Williams bathing suit photos goes viral

Popular TV show host, Wendy Williams was treated to a taste of her own medicine earlier this weekend after photos of her on vacation went viral.

Williams is famous for handing down less than tactful criticisms to celebrities but she too received similar criticisms.

The photos which surfaced online Monday showed Wendy in a black one piece bathing suit as she vacationed in Florida.

Social media users did not hesitate to criticise the famous critic.

“How dare you go to the beach with your saggy knee skin!!” one user commented.

“She has some 99 year old man legs,” another said.

A few persons tried to defend Williams by adding that she is 50 years old and recently lost twenty pounds so her skin is not necessarily going to be tight and firm.

One can’t help but wonder whether Williams will address the issue in her famous ‘Hot Topics’ segment of her show.

After all, it is a hot topic.

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