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Ways to stay hydrated other than drinking plain water

The human body is made up of over 70 percent water. This means that it is crucial we replenish lost fluids on a constant basis in order to keep the body’s organs performing at an optimal level.

Most people are able to live weeks without food but it would be scientifically impossible to live past a few days without some form of hydration. There are times when a chilled tall glass of water is the perfect thing to banish thirst; but even the most adept water drinker will probably admit that it can get a little plain.

Sometimes staying hydrated requires a little creativity in order to keep things exciting. Within the Caribbean, we are blessed to have access to hydration superfoods such as coconut juice among other natural sources.

Here’s a list of seven food items that you can incorporate in your diet to up your hydration ante:


Celery is made up of over 90 percent water making it a healthy alternative to drinking plain water when needed. It also contains vitamin K and potassium which your body will love you for.

Green smoothies

This trendy and healthy beverage has become a ubiquitous sight in gyms and offices across the region. There are hundreds of ways to create the perfect mix of green leafy vegetables, fruit juice and yogurt to suit your taste. Preparation time is a breeze since you only need a blender and a knife to cube ingredients in order to enjoy.


Recent studies have found that although coffee is a diuretic, it is a good source of hydration. Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee fetches top dollar in international markets for the quality product that the island produces which is always within reach in the land of Reggae. It is advised to stick to black since the addition of sugars and creamers tend to take away from enjoying the full nutritional benefits of the aromatic beverage.


Just like celery, many may be unexcited to indulge in the stuff. They contain 96 percent water and is best enjoyed fresh from your local market or supermarket. Try adding them to your salads and smoothies or just simply cut in cubes and snack healthily.

Coconut water

A choice source of hydration for athletes and others who are constantly on-the-go, there’s little wonder that this superfood made the list. Packed with body loving nutrients, the juice of the young coconut has a myriad of benefits. It also contains less sugar and carbohydrates than sports drinks making it ideal for new mothers, people recovering from trauma and the ordinary person to consume.


Watermelon is rich in lycopene from which it gets its distinctive red hue. A real hydration superstar, the fruit contains over 90 percent water, minerals such as magnesium and calcium and vitamins. Like the coconut, it assists in replacing electrolytes lost during physical activity and has a sweet taste that is liked by children and adults alike.


Iceberg lettuce is a great addition to salads since it isn’t known for its nutritional benefits. The good news is that it also contains mostly water so pair it with nutritionally dense foods such as beans and fruits for a healthy and balanced meal.


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