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BREAKING: Five Primary School Students Tested Positive for HIV

At least five primary school students have tested positive for the HIV virus and several others have engaged in sexual activities “willingly” Parliamentarians in Trinidad and Tobago have been told. Appearing before a Joint Select Committee (JSC) of Parliament on Wednesday, officials from the Ministries of Education and Health confirmed …

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Trinidad club puts up “No dancehall” sign

The dancehall genre continues to get a fight. Just months after a club in London was reportedly ordered by police to refrain from playing dancehall music because it promotes violence, a beach facility in Trinidad has mounted a sign stating “no dancehall.” The sign mounted at the establishment in Trinidad …

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Trinidad’s Clifton Hill Beach Hotel lifts Dancehall ban

The management of the Clifton Hill Beach Hotel in Trinidad has apologised sincerely and has immediately removed a sign that was erected at the resort, which strictly prohibits dancehall music on the property. The sign, which says, “NO DANCEHALL MUSIC by order of management”, has been creating quite a stir …

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Unruly J’cans make us look bad say Yardies in Trinidad

Some Jamaicans who have benefited from living and working in Trinidad are complaining that a few bad behaving Jamaicans currently living in the twin-island republic are making things difficult for other Jamaicans, especially those wishing to enter the country. “I see some Jamaicans go over there and them behave some …

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Jamaican child abuser to be deported from Trinidad

A Jamaican woman who was charged for viciously abusing a child in Trinidad late last year will face trial on April 21, after which she will be deported irrespective of the verdict because she had been residing in the island illegally. According to Trinidad newspaper, The Guardian, Yanique Taylor-Gobin was …

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