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Stereotypes women hate to hear

Here are 10 stereotypes that women hate to hear:

1. Women dress a certain way and try to look good to impress men. News flash guys, women like to look good for themselves. Makeup, hair, clothes, it’s not all for you.

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2. All women have marriage and baby on the brain.

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3. All ladies hate sports and only watch games for the hot athletes. Now, that is the case for some women, we can’t get around that, but there are quite a lot of ladies who actually enjoy sports.


4. Every woman out there thinks she can, and wants to, change a man. No, not all women want to undertake the hastle of trying to ‘fix’ a guy. Women would rather you come good from the start.


5. All women are watching their weight and dieting to look slim.

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6. Every lady knows how to cook. Nope, there are quite a lot of women out there who’d rather buy food than step in the kitchen. Women do love men who can cook though, that one is true.

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7. Women are overly emotional, weak and cry at the drop of a hat.

8. Women are just looking for men to buy them nice things.

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9. When you are emotional it must mean that you’re on your period. Suggesting that that’s the only reason a girl could be upset is pretty belittling.

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Most women here in the Loop office don’t think men could handle all the pain ladies go through every month.

10. All girls are helpless and needy. Actually, most women are capable of taking care of what needs to be done.



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