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St Ann Criminals Cyber Attacking Personal Bank Accounts

Criminals in St Ann are now using cyber-crime methods to steal money from the personal bank accounts of residents of the parish.

Head of the St Ann Police, Senior Superintendent Wayne Cameron, is making a call for persons to be aware of this latest trend.

Cameron explained that several persons have reported large sums of cash being missing from their accounts.

Initial investigations have also revealed that persons are reporting large sums of cash in their accounts, which later disappear.

Cameron noted that this is a technique being used by the criminals in order for them not to be traced.

In the meantime, the senior officer explained that the banks and affected citizens are cooperating with the probe into the trend.

Cameron further reassured residents that those behind the acts would be caught.

He is urging residents to be aware of the illicit cyber-crime act and be careful when carrying out their various banking transactions.


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