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Pregnant woman found under bed, fined for electricity theft

A pregnant woman has been fined after pleading guilty in the St Mary Parish Court to a charge of abstracting electricity.

Sheena Hutchinson — who was caught hiding under her lover’s bed — was fined $15,000 or 30 days’ imprisonment.

The prosecution outlined that the police and a team from the Jamaica Public Service (JPS) were conduction operation in the Broadgate area of St Mary when a makeshift pole was observed with a wire connected to that of a JPS secondary line.

The illegal wire was traced to a house where Hutchinson — an unemployed resident of Devon Pen — was staying.

Several household appliances were being run on the illegal connection.

Hutchinson told the court that she’d only been staying at the house of her unemployed boyfriend for the past three weeks.

When asked by the judge if it was her first offense, Hutchinson indicated that it was her first time being charged for “stealing light”.
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