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Patty & ATM Taxes The JLP Reminds PNP Of via FB

The Jamaica Labour Party has sent a reminder to the Opposition People’s National Party of the taxes it imposed while in government that affected the poor.

The reminder came in the way of two posters the JLP published on its Facebook page Friday.

The posts were made after the PNP on Thursday accused the Government of burdening the poor following Finance Minister Audley Shaw’s announcement of measures to finance the $1.5 million income tax threshold, in opening the budget debate in Parliament.

The posters feature the PNP’s rising sun logo, and the hashtag “remember when” over pictures of two patties and an ATM machine — and the words “PNP tax”.

“#Remember when: PNP tax patty?” one said.

“#Remember when: PNP tax ATM?” the other noted.

The posts rocked up a number of likes, shares and mixed comments.

MissGrantspen Nursey commented: “Yes me remember a so me want Dem get to realize they are the opposition and they must go and have an opposition seat and let the Labour party do what they have to do.”


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