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Jamaican woman becomes a queen in Nigeria

The daughter of Jamaican Rastafarian reggae artiste, Bobo Zaro, recently made headlines after she became a queen in Nigeria, after marrying a king there.

Chanel Chin is now queen of the Iwo Kingdom after her marriage to King Adbul Rasheed Adewale Akanbi earlier this year. The two met in Canada before the ascendancy of King Abdul Rasheed, now known as the Imperial Oluwo of the Iwo Kingdom in Nigeria, to the throne on November 10, 2015.  Both the then royal-to-be and Chanel Chin, 32, resided in Canada for some time before their romance hit the marital level.

Media reports have pointed to Queen Chanel as being deeply honoured by her new status as a Jamaican abroad.

She reportedly expressed pleasure that, with her ancestors having been taken from Africa as slaves, she has had the honour to return to the continent as a queen. She expressed optimism that her fortune has paved the way for black people in general to return to the motherland.

Others clearly agreed. For example, a Facebook post by Emmanuel Mathias declared that, “Destiny is powerful; her ancestors were taken away as slaves, but she returns back home as queen. Let us embrace her and tell her you are welcome back home. This is one giant step towards bringing back home our descendants…”

Not surprisingly, Bobo Zaro himself will be heading to Nigeria in July/August of this year, at the request of King Abdul Rasheed, as ambassadors from Jamaica for another phase of the wedding celebrations. Bobo Zaro, as an artiste, is best known for songs such as the hit single Pain, a collaboration with Contractor and Capleton, with an accompanying video which has been seen by millions of viewers in Africa via Channel O in South Africa and the Sporah TV show via SkyTV.

In Nigeria, Chanel is reportedly playing a ‘First Lady’ role in areas like motivating students of local schools about the importance of education. But amidst it all, she has had to adopt to very conservative dressing standard in her new home, which require most of her body – including her shoulders and all of her legs – to be covered in public.

Fortunately for her, all her clothes are reportedly custom-built to meet the required standards of her new role and position as a Nigerian queen.


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