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Holness declares assets to media

Prime Minister Andrew Holness last week invited several media houses as he declared his assets and income from 2007 to present.

According to records, as of September 3, 2007 Holness assets were valued at US$473,000 and just over $7 million Jamaican dollars. These assets prior to 2007 were acquired from liquidation of various investments and businesses.

Declarations to the Integrity Commission between September 3, 2007 to February 25, 2016, declared Holness’ net income to be approximately $60 million.

Holness revealed that that his income and liquidation of prior assets was used to acquire  various real estate properties which in turn increased in value, including his highly scrutinized Beverly Hills property.

The Prime Minister declared documents detailing how he financed his various properties through mortgages, credit, loans and income from investments.

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