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Gangs Employing Women As Lookout In Their Criminal Network

Gangs are now employing a significant number of women as they increase the number of people acting as lookout to evade cops seeking to disrupt their criminal network.

“It is a disturbing practice we are seeing. The gangs are even recruiting females to take on some of these roles,” a senior detective said.

He also added that measure are now being put in place to counter the troubling development.

Cops believe that recent pressure on the gangs to disrupt their network of gun- and drug-running, extortion and murder has resulted in them increasing the number of spotters across the island.

The claims by the police come on the heels of statements by National Security Minister Robert Montague in the past week that authorities have noticed that criminal networks across the island are acting in concert to take on the state.

A police source said: “We have received information that when crimes are committed the proceeds is divided and a percentage is sent to the lookout personnel.”

Cops in the Kingston Western Police Division say they too are seeing similar practice.

“We have received information that the practice is normally carried out close to the market area and involves criminals who are targeting the vendors,” a police officer said.


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