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You met and dated a girl when you were in the university, she was a virgin when you met her, and you both agreed not to have sex until your wedding night. The both of you graduated but were jobless for four years. However, after many years of suffering, she …

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20 things you must do in Jamaica before you die

There is never a dull moment in Jamaica: the small dot on the map is a massive voice on the regional and wider global stage. Whether you’re a tourist or have lived here for 100 years, there is NO excuse not to explore the beauty and vitality of our beautiful …

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Sandals to Open Over-water Bungalow Suites in Jamaica

Sandals is scheduled to open five all-new, stunning, luxury included over-the-water suites at its Sandals Royal Caribbean Spa Resort & Offshore Island in Montego Bay later this year. These Over-The-Water Suites are a first-of-its-kind in the Caribbean. Reminiscent of a Tahiti–style bungalow, these gorgeous over–the–water suites convey an intimate connection to the Caribbean …

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Stereotypes women hate to hear

Here are 10 stereotypes that women hate to hear: 1. Women dress a certain way and try to look good to impress men. News flash guys, women like to look good for themselves. Makeup, hair, clothes, it’s not all for you. 2. All women have marriage and baby on the …

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2016 GSAT students baffled by this question

Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) students should be breathing a sigh of relief that their exams are now over, however, many continue to rack their brain about one question which baffled many. Some say that the question, which appeared in the social studies test paper, will be the deciding factor …

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