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Jamaican Vegetarian cuisine

Contrary to popular belief, Jamaican cuisine is known world over for more than just jerk chicken. Wellness enthusiasts, culinarians and visitors alike would be the first to share how tasty and healthy Ital cuisine (it’s basically vegetarian food prepared without adding sodium)  and other plant- based meals can be. Loop …

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Jamaican teen Arthur Williams called by White House speech writers

A few weeks ago, Hamilton College senior Arthur Williams received an unexpected phone call from the White House.His entrepreneurship research in Cuba was of interest to the President’s speech writing team, who consulted with Williams prior to President Barack Obama’s visit to the country this week. Williams, an international student …

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Jamaican woman becomes a queen in Nigeria

The daughter of Jamaican Rastafarian reggae artiste, Bobo Zaro, recently made headlines after she became a queen in Nigeria, after marrying a king there. Chanel Chin is now queen of the Iwo Kingdom after her marriage to King Adbul Rasheed Adewale Akanbi earlier this year. The two met in Canada before …

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