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Alkaline exposes himself to be a fake, removes ‘eye tattoo’

Dancehall artiste Alkaline triggered a social media frenzy on Sunday morning when he released a photo of himself on Instagram apparently without his infamous tattooed eyes.

In the photo, the controversial deejay is seen posing inside a night club with his sclera – the white of the eye – uncoloured. The artiste has for years maintained that he tattoed his eyes.

The post has so far attracted nearly 3,000 likes and more than 500 comments.

Most observers expressed shock at the post, although many said they were unsurprised that the so-called ‘eyeball tattoo’ was, all along, apparently just contact lens.

“Every sensible individual knew it was contacts,” said Neekie.

Lovelychelle added: “Him couldn’t trick me with that lol.”

It’s not the first time that a photo of the artiste without the ‘eye tattoo’ has surfaced.  Last summer, Alkaline’s management was forced to dismiss as “photoshop” a number of photos that made the rounds on the Internet, showing him without the infamous tattooed eyes.

“If you look closely on the photos, you will realise that they were taken over a year ago, Alkaline’s image looks nothing like that, that picture was taken long before his transformation…the hairstyle was from sometime last year, if you look on his Instagram, he was just on a show in St Lucia, his hair is locked now, him ras up. The new photos going around are obviously photoshopped by malicious people trying to hurt his image,” a member of Alkaline’s management team said at the time.

This time, however, the photo orginated from the artiste’s social media page.

However Dre1alliance reported in July that Alkaline was spotted his without eye contacts.

Sources then told then told the popular entertainment websits that Alkaline was “hoping to reveal that his entire controversial image was a scam to once again gain so much needed attention like he did back in 2013 or perhaps return to school.”

Soon after former friend Kranical and upcoming Artiste exposed the Deejay saying he was the one who asked his mother purchased the contact lens to give him the trademark ‘black eyes’

Last week Dre1alliance reported that the Artiste recently deleted all his photos from his Instagram account, all but three photos, two blanks and a photo of him posted 2 weeks ago with him wearing shades.

Alkaline, real name Earlon Bartley also unfollowed everyone on the popular photo sharing app (he was only following a few friends, family and team members)

Back when Alkaline entered the Dancehall scene is 2013, Alkaline said, his eyes were tattooed and it was a new look for dancehall, speaking with Entertainment Report’s Anthony Miller he stated the procedure  was very painful however it would be beneficial to his career, [Read More]

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