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10 surprising health benefits of ‘Stinking Toe’

With a name like ‘Stinking Toe’, we understand why very few people gravitate towards the mysterious fruit.

However, beyond the unpleasant smell, the toe-shaped fruit – known as ‘Locust’ in Asia and Carao in Central America – is actually very tasty.

Ask the average Jamaican and the popular response is, “It too stink man!”; but how much do you really know about Stinking Toe?

Check out 10 amazing health benefits the Stinking Toe can provide you.

  1. In its natural state, Stinking Toe is rich in carbohydrates; necessary nutrients for a boost in energy. Fructose is the most common of the simple sugars found in locust fruit.
  2. In Costa Rica and Panama, the fruit is prized by men for being an aphrodisiac, increasing sex drive. Studies have been launched to further investigate and explain the compounds that contribute to the Stinking Toe’s effectiveness in this regard.
  3. Stinking Toes have a high contents of iron in each serving. An important metabolic nutrient, iron assists in the formation of the body’s red blood cells, which in turn improves oxygen and nutrient transportation around the body.
  4. In eastern Asia, the fruit is considered a delicacy for those on a weight-loss programme, since it is low in calories and high on nutrition. Stinking Toe is believed to provide satiety without drastically increasing one’s calorie intake.
  5. The youngest leaves of the locust tree have been recognised in Asia as a traditional, alternative remedy in treating cough, sore throat, bronchitis and asthma.
  6. The blossoms of Stinking Toe are known for their diuretic, emollient and anti-spasmodic properties. Additionally, a paste made from the crushed flowers help in healing of the skin after burns. They may be applied to the affected area and left on for a couple of hours.
  7. The fruit is also a notable appetite enhancer – prized by Central American bodybuilders and athletes. Some researchers have concluded that stinking toe, in conjunction with other supplements, have enabled athletes to reach new personal levels in training and to break previous growth records.
  8. Some traditionalists in southern Asia have developed an interesting natural remedy using the roasted flowers of the locust tree. It is said that a teaspoonful of flowers and a cup of water, helps to alleviate burning in the stomach and is helpful for people with gastritis.
  9. Stinking Toes also have a considerable reserves of Vitamin A, which is important in preserving the integrity and health of one’s eyes.
  10. In Costa Rica, the fruit is widely appreciated as a galactogogue. The chemicals, rich in the locust fruit, is a substance that promotes lactation/milk production both in expectant and nursing mothers.

So if you’re willing and able to move past the ~wonderful~ aroma of the stinking toe fruit, all these amazing health benefits can be yours! How many of these facts did you know?


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